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Bata Corporation (originally, and in the Czech Republic and Slovakia known as Baťa) is a Swiss multinational footwear and fashion accessory manufacturer and retailer, founded in the town of Zlín, today the Czech Republic. After World War II, its factories in socialist states were nationalized, and branches in capitalist states remained family-owned. It is now based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Urmila Sisodiya wrote "Bad product.. In just 3 months upper section is coming out of sole. I wonder how come Bata is making such products. Also, material is not leather, its some synthetic material. Shoes should have 6 months warranty."


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Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"My manager and district manager is torchuring with manager always used say me i m my district always used to say me dont come from tommorow...i cant tolerate this torchure anymore..NoNo"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"there is nothing to do which makes it more boring and even more tiring manager is not nice and very inconsiderate pay is low and not worth it part timers should not apply for this job"

Assistant (Former Employee) says

"worked for this company at a country store, customers not listened to, store management not interested in anyone that didn't have horses. supervisor took 2 hr dinner brakes whist staff had 10 minsinteresting customersbad management"

Shop Manager (Current Employee) says

"Do not work in this company. Not good. Everything is work. Long working hours, in the end, you pay them back because of not enough budget for the staff. Management very bad.nothingeverything is wrong"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Weak Leadership with no vision, no strategy and no ability to execute; All staff are treated as a highly replaceable commodity; Rewarding and promotion is based on mediocrity and favouritism; Lousy backend system; The directors are very busying managing up and micro-managing down; Indecisive management; Very good in window dress for upwards reporting; Management only listen to good news; No appreciation in improvement; Practising Autocracy; Can come in early to start work but cannot go home on time; No work life balance for staff except for directors; Blaming other for failure is the culture; Directors are free from responsible when problems arise. History won't make you success in future if you stay put and have those group of monkey and donkey directors with you.History company with working environment in 1970an.Weak Leadership with no vision, no strategy, and no ability to execute, Lousy backend system, Indecisive management, Practising Autocracy, No work life balance except directors, Blaming other for failure is the culture, Directors are free from responsible when problems arise"

Salesperson (Former Employee) says

"Management treated unfriendly . no break . only for few min during lunch. lots of going up and down from the stairs to take stock and it is tiring. caused me to have headache.Lots of going up and down from stairs"

District Manager (Former Employee) says

"sorry i will not suggest to go for job.because not taking care of their employees"

Anonymous (Current Employee) says

"Continuous micro managing Lack of skills and experience of management Poor mentoringNonePoor work/ life balance, inadequately skilled management, nepotism"

Bata (Former Employee) says

"Ho lavorato in bata per un mese solamente perché poi mi hanno mandata via dicendo di “non aver superato la prova” e come me così anche altre ragazze. Le altre ragazze che lavoravano con me erano competitive (quasi a litigarsi i clienti) e presuntuose. Se hai un orario di lavoro loro pretendono che arrivi un’ora prima per AIUTARE. Ti trattano da facchino tutto il giorno facendoti fare su e giù per le scale con 10 o più scatole in mano fregandosene. Mai più.Poche ore al giorno di lavoroTutto il resto"

Sales Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Lengthy working hours Overwhelming work in the stores less pay depending on the job done poor management Employees are not catered for in any way apart from paymentNoNo"

DEPOT MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"A very bad company for job, no management support, only cost cutting is the company's object and everything for a single rupee you have to take approval but nobody is responsible to give approval. 90's dbase software, for each and every step you will be debited for any mistake, every sunday you have to work, after 5 years of my resignation no settelment of my accounts."

Buyer Clothing and Accessories Bubblegummers (Former Employee) says

"Es un empresa de retail de las primeras en Colombia donde los procesos son atrasados su filosofía es obsoleta."

Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"most enjoyable at work is when im reaching my target, my hardest part is when i found that i have a lose in my stock tacking, my co-worker they always follow my instruction what i love the most about them they correct me. i have learn a lot in the company tacking figures from other stores, giving instruction to the other company, sales, stock tacking, cash up , marchandising.30 minutes of lunche is enough of meif im didnt do my target i dont mind for extra hour"

Addetta alle vendite (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente di lavoro pressante,stressante e non stimolante. Le aree menager sanno solo minacciare di mandarti via o ridurti l'orario se non raggiungi i loro obbiettivi. Straordinari non pagati(ci sono dipendenti che vivono in negozio)orario che cambia in continuazione. Pressioni e mobbing da parte dei piani alti,obbligo di vendita aggressiva. Fortunatamente mi sono trovata bene con le colleghe ma non vedo l'ora che scada il contratto per andarmene"

Retail Associate (Former Employee) says

"- assist customer - endure the tiredness - not so sure about the management - dull & no excitement - shoe's store room. climbing was needed to find a pair of footwear - good music"

vendedora y cajera (Former Employee) says

"bueno bata es una empresa que te da capacitaciones para los vendedores. dependiendo a los jefes de tienda que tienes aprendes en tu desempeño laboral bueno yo aprendí mucho puedo vender y cobrar manejo el sistema y los pos. solo que tienes que esforzarte mucho para que ganes tu sueldo porque el sueldo en minimo 350 se gana por comisión y trabajas mas de 8 horas.segurotrabajas mas de 8 horas no puedes estudiar, no tienes cts, ni utilidades no descansas los feriados"

Full time Store Assistant (Former Employee) says

"would never go back to work for this company again in my life. dont seem to sorce the stock that you need to run the store. lots of unhappy customers.wont do anything to stop workplace bullying"

Maintenance Engineer (Current Employee) says

"As a Mechanical Engineering it is very small factory but a lots of scope to learn and challenges are here.A quit good experience for me as it is my virgin company for work."

Atención al cliente (Former Employee) says

"aprendi las numeros de las tallas de los zapatos de bebe, aprendi tambien a tener paciencia con todas las personasno hay descanzo para sentarse un rartito"

Manager Sales (Former Employee) says

"good experience with the customers when we are unable to serve the customers what they required learned how to maintain the store cooperative if merchandise is not available when superiors appriciated"

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